Performance Management

Performance management is unfair, unjust and it is making our members ill. It is a rabid “manageralism” that is target driven and out of control. A greedy demand for “continuous improvement” of profits is a driving force behind management’s campaign of fear, bullying and harassment to make us work harder and faster, without due regard to high levels of stress and mental ill-health at work. We must demand that employers show a duty of care for its staff by identifying and removing the underlying causes of ill-health in the workplace.

In BT management keep promising to improve the performance management process in the company to make it supportive rather than punitive. But since BT reached the new agreement with the CWU, narrowly avoiding a union industrial action ballot, little has changed for our members at the sharp end of BT’s performance management system. Performance management is run like a production line, with unrealistic arbitrary work targets, and our members harassed to the point of dismissal. Also, BT were found out using forced distribution of performance scores which can be used with Pareto management to ensure the constant identification of the “bottom 20%” to manage out of the business.

I believe that the CWU should withdraw its co-operation with company performance management system and ballot members for industrial action in support of members being disadvantaged or victimised through performance management.

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