I am an active trade unionist who campaigns for rights at work, equality and social justice. I am the Financial Secretary of the Greater London Combined Branch of the Communication Workers Union and a member of the TUC General Council.

We must organise to build our Union.  There are thousands of potential members in the communications industry and to be successful the CWU needs members in all different companies working together. We need a strong union presence across the whole sector to ensure that workers in our industry have a decent future. The communications industry is massively profitable and we deserve to see this reflected in our pay and conditions.

I support union campaigns including the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom www.tradeunionfreedom.co.uk and I am a member of the Labour Representation Committee www.l-r-c.org.

You can get in touch with Maria by email – maria.exall@btopenworld.com or by mobile – 07714 206404.